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Methods of Cheating at Slots

Years and years ago, cheating at slots was somewhat easier than in this day and age, but due to the advancement in technology like surveillance cameras, cheating at this famous casino game became much more harder to accomplish. But this does not necessarily mean that nobody can cheat at slots. In fact, there are still some people who get away with cheating. Here are some of the common techniques used in cheating at slots.

History of Cheating the Slot Machines

Methods of eluding detection

One of the oldest cheating methods in slots is to just avoid the surveillance cameras. What this means is that you have to know what the blind spots of the surveillance cameras are.

Another method is to avoid the attention of people behind the surveillance cameras.  This simply means that you move from one slot machine to another so as not to draw attention to yourself.  This method is also called “winning heat.” 

In conjunction with this method, some pros also teach newbie cheaters this technique so as to put new and unfamiliar faces inside the casino premises daily.  This then makes it much more harder for security to hem in on one particular face.

Devices Used for Cheating the Slot Machines

Those above are simple ways of cheating at slots, but still, others use devices and items to confuse the sensors of the slot machine itself. Here are some of them:

1. Mini-light. Before, cheaters use a device called a mini-light, which is used to confuse the slot machine’s light sensors. What happens then is that the machine cannot keep track of the coins it has paid out because its light sensors are “blinded.”

2. Counterfeit coins. This method of using counterfeit coins is called slugging, and the people who use this method are called sluggers. Slugging is also one of the most common methods of cheating at slots wherein the sluggers use the age-old coin-on-a-string method.

3. Sabotage. Even before the slot machines reach the casinos, some cheaters have already introduced some defects or errors into the slot machine, and they only have to visit the casino the flawed slot machine went for them to work their mischief by pushing the prearranged button pattern, but this will only work if there is an inside man and if cheater is the slot machine programmer himself.

Easy to do or not, the casinos have made tremendous measures against these cheaters that, pretty soon, cheating at slots will be next to impossible. Mini-lights are long gone since the light sensors are now protected. Coins and tokens will become obsolete as credit cards and other payment methods take their place. And slot machines and its programmers are now thoroughly checked before the machine is introduced to the public.