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Deal or No Deal Slots

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Deal or No Deal Overview

deal-or-no-deal-tv-showThe TV show Deal or no Deal is one of the most popular games show we have around, giving players a chance to win big by choosing the right briefcase. The chosen contestant has to select one out of 26 briefcases. Then, they must choose to eliminate some of the other briefcases that were not selected.

The briefcases that the contestant selects are removed. Each successive time that they cash prize is revealed, the corresponding cash prize is removed from the board.

The contestant has to decide whether to make a deal with the banker, who offers the contestant a monetary amount after each round, or no deal is made and that person must select more briefcases to remove.

When the game is close to the end and there aren't many briefcases left, the contestant is given the option to keep the briefcase they have selected, swap it with one of the remaining briefcases, or accept the bankers offer.

Playing with Deal or No Deal Slots

video-slot-deal-or-no-dealDeal or no Deal Slots is a five-reel, twenty-payline slot games that takes you straight into the Deal or no Deal studio. With better-than-usual graphics and sounds Deal or no Deal Slots offers, you can enjoy playing with the banker for hours at a time.

To enjoy more the game, you should have your own strategy in winning. First off, be sure to know the deal or no deal rules and understand the icons of the game, including the payouts that come with it. This way, you know what icons to hit and how bonus game should be played. Another good tip is to make sure you play with the maximum coin amount every spin. This will ensure that you get the most out of every spin.

Also, try using the auto-spin feature. You can set up limits to let you know when you've won or loss more than a set amount of money or you can set it to stop when you win more than a certain amount of money on one spin.

One strategy that I use is to use the auto-spin a low coin amount after a couple of large payouts are won, because there will probably be a prolonged drought of no winnings shortly afterwards. I would either go with 50 or 100 auto-spins before you start to bet larger amounts again.

Bonus Game

deal-or-no-deal-slots-bonus-roundThe reels and its spinning action of Deal or no Deal Slots is similar to other slot games, What makes the game stand out from the rest is the bonus feature that comes with it. When playing online deal or no deal slots you can feel you are actually in the game.

For example, there’s an in-game bonus where the phone will ring and the banker will appear, hide the reel combination and offer the player cash win in return of winning mystery spin. If you decline (No deal) you will be transferred back into the game and your winning combination will be shown. If you decide to accept the cash win (Deal), then you receive the amount and the winning reel combination and the winning you should’ve gotten.

Another bonus feature of the game is the Mystery Box Bonus. You can trigger this bonus feature by reeling in three bonus icons on your active payline. You will then be transfer into a screen with 15 boxes, 11 boxes containing prizes, 3 boxes containing nothing (and will end the bonus game) and a box that allows you to win all of the 11 boxes. All you have to do is to choose your boxes, until you either pick a bankrupt or a win-all box. Either way, you will be awarded with the total amount you have managed to accumulate.

The main bonus feature of the game is the Deal or no Deal Bonus Feature. This bonus game can be triggered by hitting three Deal or no Deal bonus symbols on your active payline. You will then be transferred into a screen that sports the 22 briefcases with amounts ranging from $1 to $2,500. You will be asked to select your box, then you will be opening boxes every round.

After opening the boxes, you will be offered by the banker with an amount which you can accept or reject. When you reject, you’ll be asked to open another set of boxes, which will go on until you decide to accept the winnings or you open your own box.

All your winnings are automatically added to your account at the end of the bonus game.