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Progressive Slots

Because of the popularity of slot machines, a lot of innovations were done to them that, nowadays, one can usually see two kinds of slot machines - the standard or basic slot machines and the progressive slots. The advent of the Internet has all the more boosted the popularity of slot machines, especially those who are seeking the thrill of hitting it big. These high-rollers and sometimes even some beginners gravitate towards the progressive slots, hoping to strike it big.

What are progressive slots?

Progressive slots, as the name implies, are slot machines that are connected to each through a network. What happens with progressive slot machines is that the network takes a percentage of the total cash that a particular group of slot machines had, and the money collected grows each and every time somebody plays on a slot machine of that group. The money becomes the jackpot of the progressive slots, and will only be won if and only if a player hits the wining symbol combination. But there are three kinds of progressive slot machines.

Other Progressive Slots

Online Progressive Slots

Online Progressive Jackpot Slot

You will find several very large online progressive slots jackpots at different online casinos. For US players, you can take a look at the progressive jackpots for RTG slot games like Aztec Millions which has a current jackpot worth over $1 million dollars. For European online casino players, you should take a look at Mega Fortune which currently has a jackpot worth over €/£1 Million.

Standalone Progressive Slot Machine

Unlike the usual progressive slot machine, this is different than the rest because the slot machine stands alone; meaning, whenever a player plays on the standalone progressive slot machine, the jackpot grows until such time that somebody hits the life-changing winning symbol combinations.

In-House or Proprietary Progressive Slot Machines

Now, this kind of progressive slot machine is a group of slot machines that are connected to each, and all the slot machines are owned, managed, and operated by a single casino, be it a brick-and-mortar casino or an online casino. The jackpot prize grows bigger as more players play on the slot machines owned by the casino, may they be in a single casino or other casinos owned and operated by the same owner.

Wide-Area Progressive Slot Machines

If the in-house progressive slots are owned and operated by a single casino owner, the wide-area progressive slot machines, on the other hand, are those that are owned by an independent operator. For example, Company A is the software provider or the independent operator of the slot machines, then the jackpot grows as more players play on the progressive slots owned by Company A, and this includes progressive slots found in different casinos owned by different casino owners.

However, the payback percentages of each kind of progressive slots differ, so it also pays for the player to choose the kind of progressive slots first before he risks his money for that big win.