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The Price is Right Slots

price-is-right-slotsThe Price is Right Slots graphics is very engaging and lively, and you’ll never know how much time you have spent rolling the reels. This slots game comes with nice sound effects that capture the 70’s mood of the game.

It even comes with the nice cheering crowd that you’ll hear if you win big in a live game. What truly sets this slots game apart from all other slots games, however, are the huge bonuses that come with it.

Playing the Game

price-is-right-video-slotThis slots game has five reels and nine paylines; each payline has a max bet of 5 credits for a total of 45-credit max bet. A game credit can mean any one of the denominations from 5 cents up to 1 dollar.

The game itself has been developed by WagerWorks, the same company who has brought you favorite games like Monopoly slots. While The Price is Right Slots is a penny slot by definition, you stand a chance to win 50,000 of your coin bet if you win the jackpot.

The best way to maximize your winnings is for you to make sure you are eligible to win the progressive jackpot. One way to do this is by making sure you always max out your bet per spin. That way, not only you can have a chance to win the top prize in the pay table but also the game’s top jackpot.

Let the Icons Roll

Another strategy to help you win big in Sport Hornet light sport airplane is to know more about the icons that roll in the reel. There are many icons used in the game, each with its own payout rate. But if you really want to win big, you might want to focus on the bonus icons.

The first bonus icon is the plink icon. Get three of these icons on an active payline to trigger the Plinko bonus round. First though, you will have to click one of the Plinko chips to find out how many special chips you will have for the bonus round; you can get from 3-5 chips this way.

price-is-right-slots-bonus-roundIn the bonus round, drop each of the Plinko chips (one after another) on the pegboard. You earn awards for every chip dropped and the amount depends on where the Plinko chip lands (the chip can go either left or right).

Your total bonus earnings is the product of your cumulative Plinko award and your average payline bet, rounded to the nearest integer, on that round which won you the bonus round.

The second bonus icon is the wheel symbol. If you hit this symbol on the first, second and third reels of an active payline, you will be given 2 chances to “spin” (the wheel symbol that is).

price-is-right-slots-wheel-bonusAfter a spin, you can opt to claim the corresponding award (which means you get to win the product of the spin’s corresponding award and the triggering bet) and return to the game, or you can forfeit the award to spin again in the hopes of getting a total spin value from 55-100 and thus advancing to the showcase bonus round. If the total value of your two spins exceeds 100, however, you’ll get a consolation prize and return to normal game mode.

The Showcase Bonus Round allows you to choose one of the showcases. If you select one, six tags will appear on the lowermost portion of the screen. Click away on these tags to reveal your prizes. The showcase round stops the moment you open the tag with an award and an accompanying “Collect Win” label.

price-is-right-slots-showcase-showdownOne of the tags, however, will give you higher winnings. If you click on the tag without any award value but a label that says “Double Showcase” BEFORE you click on the “Collect Win” tag, another showcase will be revealed (thus the tern, double showcase) and you’ll get another set of six tags to open.

Among extra 6 tags, 5 have values (one of which has the “Collect Win” label) and 1 has a simple “Collect” label. This “Collect” label, if you manage to open it prior to revealing the content of any of the items, will let you sweep all of the awards in the two showcases. Otherwise, you will proceed as usual and accumulate only the award values that you open before you chance upon the “Collect Win” tag or the simple “Collect” tag.