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You enjoy playing online video slots for free, but you don't want to have to sign up or download software on your computer to do so.

Free Online Slots has you covered. We have many styles of Video Slots to play for free. This way, you can test your skills and familiarize yourself with the latest Video Slots before you play for real.

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Rushmore Online Casino - Slots Tournament
Rushmore Casino is hosting their weekly $10K Weekend Freeroll Slot Tournament
Registration is starts on Friday afternoon and will go until 8:00PM EST or
until 1000 people have registered. The total cash being given away
totals $10,000. You must make a deposit into your Rushmore account
($25 minimum) before you can register for this freeroll.

The featured game for this tournament is Loose Caboose

The rules for this slot tournament is very simple. You will only have one chance to post your highest score in only 15 minutes of playtime. You will have 15,000 credits to do so. Don't leave any credits unused and try to play at a 1,000 credit/minute clip. You obviously want to hit the free spins feature with the largest possible bet available ($100 spins). You will only get 1 or 2 of these if you're lucky so don't waste it!

One reason many people don't like to play Video Slots is that they think it is too complex or they are confused about how they are supposed to win money. Video Slots have gotten more complex over the years and many novice players don't know where to start.

Basics Rules of Video Slots

What are Reels?

You may have heard the term 3 reel slot or 5 reel slot before. The reels are the wheels that spin (virtually in this case) around inside the video slot. The reels will usually have only one of each icon on in, and is spun around until it stops, along with the other reels inside the slot machine.

What are Paylines?

A payline is a certain sequence of spots going left to right across the reels (in most cases). Almost all online slot machines have multiple paylines which you can play for a chance at a winning combination.

Some video slot paylines are easy to see, they go straight across the reels or diagonal. But many paylines are in patterns and you wouldn't know that you won if the machine didn't tell you.

A payline is won when a combination of icons is completed, which is dictated by the rules of the individual video slot. But there are some basics which hold true pretty much across the board:

  1. There are many different icons on the reels and they are worth differing values when you win them on a payline. Many of the slots offered here have the 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace icons that are in a normal deck of cards.

  2. The paylines are usually numbered along the left and right side of the video slot. Each number is a payline. If you select one of these numbers, the payline will be bet and you will be able to see the path of this payline.

    Most video slots have a "Bet Max" button, which will allow you to bet on all of the paylines at the same time. But be careful doing this, as there are some video slots with 20-25 paylines and this can get very expense really quickly.

  3. In order to win a payline, one of two things usually holds true:

    On a 5 reel video slot, you will usually have to have at least three consecutive matching icons on a payline from the far left reel moving to the right. Vice-versa does not count, nor does matching three consecutive icons in the middle reels.

    On a 3 reel video slot, there are no breaks, you have to match the icons across the payline in order to win.

  4. Some 5 reel video slots try to give the players a better chance at winning the payline by placing what is called the Substitute on each reel or possibly 3 or 2 of the 5 reels.

What is the Substitute Card?

Most of the rest of this tutorial pertains primarily towards 5 reel video slots.

The Substitute is an icon on the reel that acts like a wild card. It is substitute for any other icon to try to make a winning combination for the substituted icon. If you win a payline using this card, you will win the corresponding value of the winning combination for the matching icons.

Many video slots will give a large bonus, free spins or even a bonus game for getting three substitute cards on a payline.

What is the Scatter Card?

A Scatter Card is a special card on the reel. It is the only icon for which you can win money without having it land on a payline. These icons can land anywhere on the visible part of the reel.

Usually, you will get a modest bonus for receiving two scatter cards on your screen, and progressively larger bonuses for 3, 4 or 5 scatter cards.

Also, many 5 reel video slots will offer something special for you if you get 3 scatter cards on the screen. This may be free spins or it may be a bonus game for you to play.

What are Free Spins?

Oddly enough, as the name implies, these spins are free.

But all kidding aside, what makes them special? Many 5 reel slot machines have a mode of play which is called Free Spins mode. You have to win this by receiving either 3 substitute cards or 3 scatter cards, but all video slots are different, so you'll have to read the individual video slot rules.

In this mode of play, you usually will win multiple spins, like 10-20 of them. Basically, you get to sit back and relax as the video slot is pumped up to the max bet (all paylines paid) and the video slot automatically spins the reels for the appropriate amount of spins.

Many times you will also receive a multiplier in Free Spins mode. This means that you will win 2 or 3 times more than the payline would normally pay you when you hit a combination.

Once the Free Spins are done, you return to normal play and are able to bet how you would like once again. Many video slots will let you win more free spins during Free Spin play, if the correct conditions for winning them are met.

What are Video Slot Bonus Games

The bonus games that are won with while playing video slots are not really a greatly interactive game. Usually it consist of you making choices between one thing and another and this will determine the amount of money you collect during the bonus round.

All bonus rounds are different, but they will all give you instructions once you have won entry into the bonus round, so you won't get lost and there isn't a chance of screwing up. The only bad thing you can do is make a decision that loses some of the bonus money you could have won.

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